The farm at the foot of the mountain

En av pilspetsarna som påträffades på gårdsplanen.

During the autumn investigations of the grave field at Eriksberg, we have found that the stone-clad terrain not only housed resting places for the dead but also a farm for the living. At the Far West, three buildings were examined, partly built into the large-block Moraine or landscaped on top of rock land.

The farm from the West.  In the photo, the approximate location of the three houses has been marked with rectangles. To the east you can see the stone string that bounded the farm from the large-block Moraine and on its other side a smaller road has been taken up by stone clearing. Photo: archaeologists CC BY

At present, it seems to be a larger main building, probably mainly used for accommodation and two smaller farm buildings. The farm’s farm buildings have probably been for storage of food and utensils and to conduct some cooking, something we will of course study more closely in the future.

To the East, gårdstunet has been bounded by a large stone built enclosure, a so-called Stone string. Along the pasture has a narrow road run and there are clear traces of having cleared and thrown up blocks and stones on either side of the road to increase accessibility.

Within and at the edges of the farmstunet and along the road, several objects made of metal have been found. It is about nails, rivets and fittings probably from objects in wood, broddar that sat on horse hooves, knives in iron and metal objects that sat on the dress, single arrowheads and objects in silver. Many analyses remain, but at the time of writing the farm’s design, size and stock of objects suggest that the farm’s inhabitants have constituted a fairly normal population for vendel and Viking Age, about 550-1050 ad. however, the farm’s location is exciting, directly adjacent to the grave field on and next to the stone-clad mountain.

One of the arrowheads found in the courtyard.

One of the arrowheads found in the courtyard. Photo: archaeologists CC BY

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