Excavation is underway!

Excavation is underway!

In Vellinge, the excavators are currently fully engaged in excavating all the topsoil covering the survey area. A variety of dark colours are visible over the surface of the excavation, marking pits, hearths, wells and potholes, among other things. Several of the portholes are part of longhouses that have been known before, but also in newly discovered houses.

In parallel with excavation, detection and surveying, we have also begun to investigate facilities such as the fine hearth in the foreground. PHOTO: The archaeologists CC BY

In the future, we will examine and take samples in the House remains, among other things, to get clues about how the houses were used and who lived in them. More on this will follow in a future post.

In the photo you can see one of the new houses that have emerged. Traces of the roof-supporting posts of the House are marked by two rows of small yellow pegs to the left of the excavator. PHOTO: The archaeologists CC BY

In connection with the metal excavation, we detect the topsoil, which has resulted in some metal finds. Most exciting is probably a Viking Age blood and a fragment of an Arab silver coin, a so-called dirham. Another find is a buckle in the so-called urn style that was popular during the late 1000s and 1100s. The span is thus slightly younger than the houses that were dated at the time of the preliminary investigation. It will therefore be interesting to see if we will find other houses or establishments that are contemporary with the buckle.

Findings from the initial detection: a polygonal folded blood, a small piece of an Arabic silver coin and an urn buckle. PHOTO: The archaeologists CC BY

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