Archaeology in Östergötland 2022

Archaeology in Östergötland 2022

Now the new issue of Archaeology in Östergötland has come from the printing house with the latest archaeological news from the county. The articles are written by locally active archaeologists and other researchers, who have chosen a place, a find or a phenomenon that particularly aroused their interest.

In this year’s issue you can read, among other things, about a woman in Ashes who was buried in the break between pagan and Christian, about why the stone age should perhaps be called ”The nut age” and about how archaeological methods and analyzes have developed over the past 100 years.

From the county’s cities, we offer articles about women and men who were executed at the execution site in Skänninge and about a newly discovered cellar at Linköping Castle. From the port of Norrköping comes a find of a bottle containing miracle medicine, which, according to the manufacturer, cured most things, such as ”stuffiness, dizziness and cold in the lower abdomen”.

The journal is published in collaboration between archaeologists, Östergötland museum and Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård. It can be purchased online: State historical museums home ( or in store at Östergötland museum, Löfstad Castle, Linköping Castle & Cathedral Museum and at Norrköping City Museum.
Price: 80 SEK

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