Who is behind Nomadic vikings?

Nomadic Vikings was created by two passionate Nordic souls who met on the road. Pauline comes from Normandy, in France, where she grew up with the stories of King Arthur and legends about Rollo and the Norsemen. Gabriel was born and raised in Järna, Sweden, very close to Birka, the famous Viking village where most of the runestones still stand today. Both were brought up with different stories about the North and its legends. Those influences have built the idea and the foundations of the Nomadic Vikings project. As Vikings from Scandinavia started settling down in Normandy and Brittany around the 9th century, cultures, beliefs, stories and knowledge mingled, motivated by love and curiosity towards one another. The result, in terms of Art at least, is a beautiful interlacing of pagan and Christian inspirations, that are depicted through the archaeological finds that take us on a travel across France and the extended Anglo-Saxon territories, land of the Irish and Scottish crosses and knotworks. If you keep navigating and follow the tracks of the Vikings back to where their originate, in Norway, Sweden and even Danemark, you will come across numerous historical finds that can now be admired in dedicated museums but were crafted over 1500 years ago. Luckily, silversmiths and jeweller are able to replicate those unique vestiges of a long past history so that we can also wear a piece of it. This is what Nomadic Vikings is about: Travelling back in time, on the road of our own history. And share it with you here, out of love, passion, and curiosity.